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Open to any and all requests for commissions.  I work in a range of mediums from pencil to paint to digital drawing and I am willing to give anything creative a go.

I am also available for freelance designing such as surface and pattern design with skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Do get in touch if you think this is something I can provide for you.

Please see images below for some of my previous commissions.


Thanks for submitting!


Small scale one off commissions from customers, usually bought as gifts with specific requests and a range of mediums.  I particularly like doing buildings and animals.

JLP Internet

I was asked to create a large painting to brighten up a meeting room in the new office space of JLP Internet in Lerwick, Shetland.  The painting was to be inspired by Shetland but be bright and colourful with lots of texture.  I included a Shetland pony, a galley ship, rough seas and hints of the Northern Lights (or Mirrie Dancers as they're known in Shetland).  The piece was painted with acrylic paint and a glossy varnish to finish.

Shetland pony and galley colourful painting jlp internet

Shetland Recreational Trust

I was contacted to create a large painting as a gift for the retiring head of the recreational trust in Shetland.  The piece was to include the Clickimin leisure centre as well as the Iron Age broch it was named after.  I played about with colours for a while but decided to take inspiration from the colours of the leisure centre and the setting sun on the islands.  This was painting with acrylic paints and finished off with a light varnish.

Shetland, Lerwick, Clickimin broch and leisure centre retirement painting

Skinley Designs

A design commission to create a range of Shetland animal square designs in a Celtic/contrasting style.  These were to be used for decals for kitchen tiles.  I included a Shetland pony, seal, gannet, puffin, otter and an orca.

Marked image.jpg
Shetland animals graphic drawings
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