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From the Dark Waters collection, which is inspired by old Scottish folklore, comes the Kelpie Cushion.  The Kelpie is a water spirit representing a horse that haunts Scotlands lochs and rivers.  They are shapeshifters that commonly change into human form to trick passersby into coming closer to them.  There are many different varients of the Kelpie across Scotland, this is just one interpretation. 

The cushion design was originally drawn in ink pen which was then altered digitally to give colour and definition.  The reverse of the cushion includes a repeat print featuring seaweed and creatures of the waterbeds of Scotland.

The fabric used is a soft faux suede/poly velvet to give a subtle sheen and luxurious look.  Comes with a  concealed zip at the bottom and a Variorum label.


Designed in Scotland, made in the UK.


This is the cushion cover only and does not come with a cushion pad.

Kelpie Cushion

  • Size of cushion cover: 45cm x 45cm 
    (Suggested square cushion pad size of 45-50cm)

    Fabric:  Faux suede polyvelvet

    Features:  Invisible zip, Variorum label, Cushion pad not included