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Inspired by this time I was with family, at a restaurant in Shetland that looked over the sea.  While we waited for our meal, we watched the gannets outside; diving continuously to catch their own meal.  The speed and precision in which they dive is an amazing sight.  Only seeing the flash of yellow on their heads as they become a blur.

This design was drawn with graphite pencils as separate drawings before scanning and combining the motifs to complete a repeat pattern.  The hints of colour were then added digitally.

Dratsi Wallpaper.jpg
Solan Wallpaper.jpg
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Solan 1.jpg



Luxury non-woven wallpaper available in 10 metre rolls at 53cm wide.  Made with natural fibres to allow easier application and a more textile looking surface.


From £39

A range of digitally printed upholstery fabric available in both natural and man-made fabrics dependant on end-use.  Use for recovering chairs, creating custom curtains, or even covering a headboard.  Lengths of fabric allow you to create your very own Variorum pieces.  Available by the metre.

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Solan Pattern Marked_edited.jpg
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