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These lovable birds adorn the rugged coasts of Shetland.  From the southern cliffs of Sumburgh Head to the northern most point of Hermaness.  Their bright beaks standing out against their black and white bodies was a big inspiration for this print.

Each puffin and surrounding florals were hand drawn using coloured pencils, the background drawn with abstract graphite marks to resemble the textured cliffside.  These were then scanned to allow for clean up, pattern assembly and to play about with colour.

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Luxury non-woven wallpaper available in 10 metre rolls at 53cm wide.  Made with natural fibres to allow easier application and a more textile looking surface.


From £39

A range of digitally printed upholstery fabric available in both natural and man-made fabrics dependant on end-use.  Use for recovering chairs, creating custom curtains, or even covering a headboard.  Lengths of fabric allow you to create your very own Variorum pieces.  Available by the metre.

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Puffin Print marked_edited.jpg
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